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How Constellation Develops Energy Solutions Around Your Company’s Needs

Listening to customers empowers Constellation to deliver a comprehensive, innovative and strategic vision for competitive electricity and natural gas markets.

“It’s about two-way communication,” Kirsten Young, Constellation vice president of inside sales and sales support, notes. “We’re in this together with customers. When customers call us, we want to engage in meaningful conversation, understand what their challenges are and what they need.”

Conversations start with a series of questions to determine what a customer is looking for so that we can effectively meet their energy and budgetary needs. For example, we might ask:

Is your company challenged with meeting its sustainability goals?
  • Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy® (EME) offering gives customers the ability to fund energy conservation measures in support of their respective sustainability goals – without any upfront capital. The costs for retrofitted improvements – such as LED lighting upgrades, water and sewer conservation or building automation and analytics – are then paid for over time through the customer’s power or gas contract. Customers can use this solution for facility updates and energy use reduction without requiring any upfront expenditures.
Is your company’s challenge not having the time/resources to proactively manage its energy budget and risk?

For electricity customers:

  • Our Minimize Volatile Pricing (MVPe) solution systematically mitigates energy market and timing risk through an algorithm that buys smaller percentages of load at regularly scheduled intervals over a longer time horizon. Over time, this approach manages to the mean. By managing to the mean, customers can find an energy strategy that helps mitigate risk without requiring them to time the market.

For natural gas customers:

  • Our SmartPortfolio solution offers customers varying degrees of volatility protection to ensure they get the right level of budget certainty, volatility protection and risk tolerance for their business. Through this solution, customers can find an energy strategy that helps mitigate risk without requiring them to time the market for natural gas procurement.
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Does your company have renewable energy goals?
  • Many customers may be looking to meet renewable energy goals through offsite sources. Customers can work with Constellation to consider whether a solution like Constellation Offsite Renewables (CORe) is right for them. Working together, Constellation would provide customers access to utility-scale renewable energy projects, purchased through their power supply contract, to achieve renewable energy goals. Customers have the option to integrate renewable purchases from an existing renewable project into their power supply or support the development of new renewable facilities in their regional grid.

“We’re not comfortable with coloring inside the lines when it comes to offering new, sustainable products,” adds Young. “We understand that our customers want options. That means we have to stay on the outside edge of technology and offer solutions they won’t find somewhere else.”

Constellation Technology Ventures (CTV) is another vehicle for forward-thinking solutions that meet the needs of customers. CTV invests in venture stage energy technology companies that have the potential to develop new solutions for Exelon and its customers.

The big picture? To engage with innovative startups that have the potential to unlock commercial growth opportunities that accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.

ChargePoint, one of the largest networks of charging stations for electric vehicle (EV) owners, is one of CTV’s portfolio companies. Companies who pursue this solution can brand themselves as green leaders, advancing sustainability and attract new customers.

Constellation offers comprehensive options for electricity, natural gas and clean energy solutions. Our integrative energy strategies are built to fit your needs for efficiency, sustainability and controlling your budget and minimizing risk.