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Blended Power Purchasing Strategy Effective for Most Businesses

New research from Constellation explores different purchasing strategies and how they performed over two unique time periods: a thriving economy with rising summer volatility or a recession facing polar vortex events. When market conditions move from one market extreme to the other, the performance of the strategies also changes.

Despite distinctly different market conditions, one truth remains constant: a blended strategy is the better way to purchase power for most businesses.  Constellation’s Principal Product Manager Rich Spilky explains why in three short videos.

How Strategies Affect Pricing

In this video, Rich shows us how various power purchasing strategies can have a major influence on power prices.

Choosing a Purchasing Strategy

In this video, Rich shows us what strategies out of nine typically yield the highest and lowest prices, as well as their associated risk levels.

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Final Thoughts on Developing a Purchasing Strategy

In this video, Rich explains why it’s important for customers to also have a clear understanding of their load and the layering strategy that makes the most sense for their business.