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A Manufacturer’s Secret to Cutting Carbon Emissions

As a leader in the powder coating and E-coating industry, B.L. Downey Company’s success depends on its ability to apply high quality coating systems on time and at a competitive price to its customers. In operation since 1956, the company’s 320,000-square-foot facility needed upgrades to improve safety, quality and operational efficiency while reducing its carbon footprint.

Working with Constellation, B.L. Downey Company implemented an Efficiency Made Easy (EME) project,  allowing it to implement approximately $1 million in upgrades with no upfront capital investment.This resulted in the reduction in natural gas usage by 360,600 therms, a reduction in carbon footprint by 4 million pounds per year, and a reduction in electric usage by 10%. The company also implemented additional efficiency measures such as automated temperature controls and upgrading facility lighting to meet federal efficiency standards.

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Since the project was completed in May 2014, B.L. Downey Company has also reduced its electric usage by 10 percent, or approximately  500,000 kilowatts per year , and reduced natural gas usage by more than  350,600 therms  annually. Collectively, this reduced its carbon footprint by more than 4 million pounds per year.  That’s like taking 382 cars off the road each year or eliminating 93 garbage trucks filled with waste.*

*According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates