What makes Constellation America’s energy choice? We make energy efficient, simple, insightful and flexible.

I want solutions for my business.

As the trusted energy leader with decades of proven performance, Constellation knows the energy market best and can recommend options to fit your needs. We help you leverage market intelligence to navigate your choices and maximize every energy dollar. Our solutions are efficient, simple, insightful, and flexible. That’s what sets us apart. Discover how Constellation is making a difference with our customers, and how we can get to work for you. Discover what makes Constellation America’s energy choice.

Energy made efficient.

Constellation helps you maximize every energy dollar and reduce your environmental impact with innovative efficiency upgrades and clean energy solutions.

Energy made simple.

Constellation’s trusted market intelligence gives you the power to navigate a complex energy market with ease. You’ll get energy options that are understandable and choices that fit your needs.

Energy made insightful.

Constellation’s energy expertise, market insights and industry leadership empower you with the information you need and produce the most successful energy strategies.

Energy made flexible.

Constellation gives businesses comprehensive options for electricity, natural gas, and clean energy solutions.

Constellation empowers Starbucks to use renewable energy.

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